Onboard Employees

Automate the onboarding process to improve new hire engagement and reduce the administrative burden.

Mobile & WeChat friendly
New Hire Interface

The New Hire OnBoard interface has been designed to ease the new hires journey. Automated invitations are sent to new hires and allow them to use their mobile phone to gradually progress and unlock content.

The number of tasks is reduced to a minimum. 

The simple interface allow new hires to follow simple steps while submitting their information and documents.

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Tutorials & Gamified Experience

Tutorials guide the new hires during their whole onboarding process.

The platform has been designed to increase the engagement of the new hires. Submitting information and document on time will provide access to new content and locked features.

A Dedicated HR Workspace

HRs can access a simplified workspace, where they can easily track the progress of each new hires onboarding statuses in one glimpse.

The Workspace is built in a way that allows HR users to focus on what really matters. Since most of the tasks are automated, the platform highlight the tasks that needs immediate action, such as essential document approval.

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Dedicated Workflow Management

The platform is preloaded with templates to allow your organization to kickstart fast and efficiently.

Add additional steps to enrich the new hires onboarding experience.

Effective Document Management

Create, edit, and assign your documents efficiently using our powerful Org. Chart integration. Assign a document to a specific region, department, OU level, or to everyone in few seconds.

Elastic search, bulk edits and bulk actions will help your HR users to get their onboarding requirements in place quickly.

aTalent is ISO certified and our platform have successfully passed every penetration and security test thrown at us. With aTalent, your and your company data is in great and reliable hands.

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  • Backed up by law firms and fully compliance E-signature.
  • New hires will use e-signature to sign the labor contract and to confirm all the validation and accuracy of the documents submitted during the whole on-boarding process.
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"Gamified" task management

  • Ensuring all activities around the new hire are completed. Clearly showcase every on-boarding steps and effectively improve the on-boarding experience for new hires.
  • Tasks including – submit a document, on-boarding/welcome meetings with new team, getting a computer and other devices, receiving access to systems, etc.
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