How to build a quality workforce with compliance?缩略图
How to build a quality workforce with compliance?

​How to build a quality workforce with compliance? Free Webinar on October 29th – 09:30 AM (GMT+8) A 1-hour Live Webinar hosted by Cornerstone & aTalent where you will: 1. Learn how to quickly identify employee skill gaps2. Efficiently develop your talents with compliance-ready materials3. Cases – How Fortune-500 & Pharma companies are using third-party platforms to build a […]

Digital Transformation  #4 – Technology boost缩略图
Digital Transformation #4 – Technology boost

From skill upgrading to skill re-innovation, from colleagues to collaborative robots, from simple performance management to transformative talent management, the future talent development technology is not only reflected in the work process, but also gradually related to the way work is done. According to the recent Gartner Leadership survey, CEOs defined when the digital transformation […]

Digital Transformation #3 – The  learning culture缩略图
Digital Transformation #3 – The learning culture

Human resources and L&D leaders are increasingly turning to online learning solutions, such as learning management systems (LMS) and learning experience platforms (LXP), while ensuring that employees have access to a powerful content library so that employees can Accurately and successfully develop the skills required for the job. Therefore, strategically deploying these learning solutions is […]