6 effective steps to improve employee performance缩略图
6 effective steps to improve employee performance

Performance reviews can be daunting, for both employees and managers – but they’re a necessary starting point. Without proper evaluation of an individual employee’s performance, you may waste valuable time and effort implementing improvement plans that don’t begin to tackle the real problem. Take time during this stage to ensure that you get a complete […]

Talent management#4: What is a talent management system?缩略图
Talent management#4: What is a talent management system?

Employee engagement is among the biggest indicators for high productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and profitability. But to strategically drive employee engagement,  companies need insights related to their people, business, and talent.  Cue the modern talent management system. Historically, talent systems focused on integrating talent practices around job competencies. However, a modern talent management system supports and […]

Finally! A true mobile-friendly Onboarding experience, by aTalent.

Have you always been looking for a true mobile-friendly onboarding platform that: A. helps you build a culture of employee engagement, B. invite your new hires on an unforgettable journey, C. provide measurable results, D. decrease new hire time-to-productivity, E. increase retention, and F. de-risk recruitment investments? Good news! Discover below how we decided to […]

Talent management#3: Why is it important?缩略图
Talent management#3: Why is it important?

Business and human capital management (HCM) practices have evolved significantly from where they were decades ago. Today a shift in the fundamental nature of work, new technology, and the needs of new generations are changing how work gets done, how employees engage, and how organizations operate.  As a result, companies are reimagining performance management—moving past annual […]

Onboarding: the #1 step to employee engagement

Onboarding has taken on a new meaning in recent years as the importance of bringing new individuals into an organization has been recognized for its crucial link to engagement.