aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 缩略图
aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 

👇Click here and book 1:1 aTalent Onboard demo NOW! Keywords: Onboarding solution | Best Employee Onboarding Experiences | Learning in the flow of onboarding | System Integration| E-Signature | Highly-effective onboarding process   The protagonist of this article is a prominent bottling partner with a strong presence in the beverage industry, referred to as “Company S”. […]

Refined Dialogues with Executives | Implementing “Wei-ghty” and Powerful Talent Management

On July 6, 2023, aTalent held the “Wei-ghty Talent Management” private seminar at the Moller’s Mansion in Shanghai with our special guest Sun, Quan, who was a core member of Huawei’s IPD transformation project team , and Peter Zhao, Director of Talent and Organization Consulting at PwC. The seminar’s main theme is on “Huawei’s performance […]

News | How does top-ranked company in automobile intellectualization excel in international markets by learning management strategies?

About the Customer As a leading enterprise in the internet field, Company E has been insisting on its vision of “enabling better lives through intelligent transportation” and mission of “accelerate automobile intelligence and create new human-vehicle relationship”. It has established branches and research and development centers in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Dalian, and Gothenburg, Sweden. […]