aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 缩略图
aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 

👇Click here and book 1:1 aTalent Onboard demo NOW! Keywords: Onboarding solution | Best Employee Onboarding Experiences | Learning in the flow of onboarding | System Integration| E-Signature | Highly-effective onboarding process   The protagonist of this article is a prominent bottling partner with a strong presence in the beverage industry, referred to as “Company S”. […]

External training
Unleash Your Career Superpowers: The Epic Quest of External Training

In today’s rapidly evolving world, training has become more crucial than ever before. With technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs occurring at a rapid pace, it is essential for individuals to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge. One notable example of this rapid development is in the field of computers. The ever-changing landscape of technology necessitates […]

NEWS | How does leading brand of new energy vehicles successfully establish an external training ecosystem?缩略图
NEWS | How does leading brand of new energy vehicles successfully establish an external training ecosystem?

Project background With the wave of “new four” in China’s auto industry, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show in 2023, the first international A-class auto show after the normalization of the epidemic management, “electric intelligence” occupies the most important position, and the latest Deloitte market research report on China’s new energy vehicles ( In Deloitte’s […]

aTalent x Cornerstone
Event Recap | Cornerstone OnDemand x aTalent collaborated to Participate in HREC Learning and Development Summit 

Hosted by HREC, Boost 2023 – China Learning and Development Summit – Shanghai has came to a successful conclusion on April 11th, 2023! Cornerstone OnDemand x aTalent joined the event along with 500+ industry elites and 40+ corporate speakers, bringing the cutting-edge trends and their valuable corporate experiences!  As a global leading talent development content […]

GoLIVE | Tianneng Group.

“Professional team refines precise plans, ensuring rapid project launch.”  The value of companies in new energies industry is becoming more prominent in the current circumstance. By using the multi-dimensional talent management benchmark of “virtue”, “ability”, “potential”, “performance”, and “honesty and integrity”, Tianneng Group injects a strong tenacity and innovative ability into the continuously developing new […]

External Training
Supercharge your business with external training(Part 2)

Leverage e-commerce and online training to grow your business The advantages of learning for Training Companies (TCs) are very self-explanatory. (as selling and delivering training is the lifeblood of their business and are key to growth). In this situation, education and training can directly improve their bottom line and significantly expand their business. Revenue growth: […]

News | How does the top Sino/Chinese-Foreign cooperation university optimize staff learning experience deeply?

About University N Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China, University N is the first Sino-foreign cooperative university with independent campus and independent legal Personality in the history of Chinese education. University N now has three colleges/institution: College of Science and Technology, College of Business, and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  University N is ranked […]

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1. The purpose why companies conduct external training  The easiness and accessibility of digital business is an enabler of global business growth for companies. We are committed to manage our business to plan for the future. The trend of a new E-Commerce (electronic commerce) business pattern can meet the changing market demands better and seize […]

External Training
Supercharge your business with External Training(Part 1)

Presently, in this article, we’ll investigate the business advantages of external training. (What’s more, there are tons!) Whether you’re instructing clients, accomplices, or individuals, we’ll separate how your projects can drive development and convey main concern results. Fuel development with client instruction CEd programs are a very powerful method for drawing in possibilities ready to […]