News| How can a top-tier Swedish furniture brand achieve 100% precision in optimizing the localization of its overseas learning platform?

Industry: Furniture and homeware  User Count: 10000+  Region: Greater China  Keywords: “Optimizing Local Experience for Overseas Learning Platforms”  About Client  With the vision of Creating a Better Everyday Life for the Many, “Company I” (under alias), a globally renowned furniture and home retail giant from Sweden, manufactures high-quality products at affordable prices. They are currently […]

News | Deli’s Commitment in Revolutionizing it’s Talent Management Approach using aTalent solutions 

Deli Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Deli”) has come up with a long-term partnership with aTalent since September 2023 for talent management initiatives. By the negative influence of the economic environment, private enterprises have been consistently facing challenges like insufficient manpower and slow individual development. Faced with these constraints on business growth, there are increasing number of private […]

News | HD Hyundai Infracore缩略图
News | HD Hyundai Infracore

Industry: Heavy Industry Region: Headquarter in South Korea and emerging markets such as Southeast Asia (EM) Keywords: Training for external partners such as distributors About HD Hyundai (Hyundai Heavy Industries) As a leading South Korean company with over 50 years of history, HD Hyundai (Hyundai Heavy Industries) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of […]

smart project go live
Go Live | Intelligent and luxurious outing, leading urban fashion with smart

The Smart Learning and Development Program was successfully launched within 9 weeks’ period. The project launch event was held on July 28, 2023, at the Smart Exhibition Hall in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Zhejiang Guests who attended the launch event include Thomas Ganser – Senior Director of smart’s Central Customer Service, Albert Chen – smart […]

aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 缩略图
aTalent Onboard Drives 97% Success Rate with 5000+ New Hires 

👇Click here and book 1:1 aTalent Onboard demo NOW! Keywords: Onboarding solution | Best Employee Onboarding Experiences | Learning in the flow of onboarding | System Integration| E-Signature | Highly-effective onboarding process   The protagonist of this article is a prominent bottling partner with a strong presence in the beverage industry, referred to as “Company S”. […]

News | How does top-ranked company in automobile intellectualization excel in international markets by learning management strategies?

About the Customer As a leading enterprise in the internet field, Company E has been insisting on its vision of “enabling better lives through intelligent transportation” and mission of “accelerate automobile intelligence and create new human-vehicle relationship”. It has established branches and research and development centers in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Dalian, and Gothenburg, Sweden. […]

NEWS | How does leading brand of new energy vehicles successfully establish an external training ecosystem?缩略图
NEWS | How does leading brand of new energy vehicles successfully establish an external training ecosystem?

Project background With the wave of “new four” in China’s auto industry, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show in 2023, the first international A-class auto show after the normalization of the epidemic management, “electric intelligence” occupies the most important position, and the latest Deloitte market research report on China’s new energy vehicles ( In Deloitte’s […]

aTalent 人才管理
News | Unveiling the Secrets of Hidden Champion Companies: Achieving a Quantum Leap in Talent Management

Industry: Automotive software and information technology services  Region: China  Keywords: Advanced composite, automotive technology talent management  Solution component: aTalent TM® talent management platform Project introduction Recently, a German hidden champion enterprise has begun a long-term cooperation with aTalent on complex talent management (performance management, talent development, talent inventory, succession planning, compensation management, etc.), which is […]

GoLIVE | Tianneng Group.

“Professional team refines precise plans, ensuring rapid project launch.”  The value of companies in new energies industry is becoming more prominent in the current circumstance. By using the multi-dimensional talent management benchmark of “virtue”, “ability”, “potential”, “performance”, and “honesty and integrity”, Tianneng Group injects a strong tenacity and innovative ability into the continuously developing new […]